Sunday, January 26, 2014

Muffcakes and Sequins.

Sequins. They shine. They glitter. They reflect. They stand out. And there is no rule that says tney don't belong here in Alaska!

Indeed, I wore sequins yesterday and I may have gotten some grief about me not fitting into the Alaskan stereotype, but I've never fit into any stereotype anyway and so that was no surprise on my part. I just figured that the condescending looks would be gone by now, but no! As my sixth grade self would reply "whatever."

And paired with my brand new YSL red lipstick, I felt old school glamour emanating from my being. Oh yeah, funny story on the lipstick bit. I wanted a tube of fire engine red lipstick and I was searching this department store relentlessly and no help was provided, nor tube of red lipstick! And then when I did find one, conveniently Chanel, they were out of my pirate shade. Grr. But this YSL one is quite good as well. 

So completely off the subject, I'm going to tell you about this delightful treat I had today. We call it.. A... Muffcake! How genius does that sound? It's like half a muffin and then tastes like a red velvet cupcake and they are DIVINE. My friend Selia came up with that little ditty to call them. 

Muffcakes and sequins, I would say it was a pretty groovy day. 

What I wore: gold sequined jacket (used), white androgynous style PROMOD top (from Paris), black and white striped GAP skirt (used), and black HUNTER boots (used). 

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