Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Kate, my Soulmate.. Soul-friend!

I'm takin' it way back to my first couple weeks of school in Arizona. I don't know if I would've ever had as bountiful an experience there had I not joined the Block. Basically, it was drama, English, and history all tied together in a  project based learning environment. It was and remains the only one of its kind in the USA and I am so incredibly blessed to have been able to be involved. Anyhow, this is where I first met Kate.

I'm slightly shy and a tad bit independent when it comes to socializing and those first couple of lunch periods were saved in the drama room. I was so grateful not to be outside in the sweltering hot AZ sun with all these other raucous teenagers, but inside in a drama inspired environment with a book and my packed lunch. It was then that this beautiful and interesting girl asked me to sit with her. I said yes, mostly because I was tired of sitting alone, she always wore the cutest high-waisted shorts (homemade, I later learned), and she was sweet enough to invite me to sit with her. And thank goodness she did...

We became fast friends, let me tell you that! We acted in a play opposite each other, bonded over Starbucks and Jolta Java ( and their heavenly coffee cake), sight seeing in Anthropologie, deep talks about the Illuminati at lunchtime, and becoming each others help in times of need. 

Leaving her was incredibly difficult for me. I definitely cried and we hugged for the longest time. It's hard to have experiences like these and then go back to the same ole routine. But I found that having these experiences in the first place stay with you for forever. And I met an amazing individual who I will forever hold dear in my heart. It's just the beginning, I like to say. 

The reason I wanted to share this special friend with you now is because I received the kindest and most thoughtful Christmas gifts from her the other day. She wrote the sweetest letter that made those bad boy tears pop on out (happiness!), some cute little items, and then two slices of THE coffee cake. Yes, from THE Jolta Java where we used to go before Goodwill excursions. I just... People's kindness amazes me sometimes and makes me realize what extraordinary human nature some people have. 
To be in their midst and to catch that positivity is wonderful. Missing you, Kate!

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