Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tales in Tulle.

Ok, so I may or may not have discovered that tulle is becoming quite the new love for me.

I've always had a special spot for tulle since I began dancing. The tutus and pointe shoes created the perfect picture of elegance and poise and continue to be a symbol for grace. 

I never thought I would see them in a basic wardrobe, but it appears as if that time has come. I find myself searching for some to purchase online and am even considering a DIY one if I cannot find what I'm looking for. 

I'm simply mad for tulle now. 

On a different , yet somewhat related, topic, I had another mini photo shoot to go along with my senior pictures one. This one was conveniently called a "snow session" and consisted of photos being taken outside in the lovely wilderness that is Alaska. Luckily, it was moved to a warmer day ( the original date was like -12 degrees outside) and it turned out to be super fun. 

Well believe it or not, I wore one outfit, and one outfit only and it just so happened to be an orange prom dress with a beaded top and tulle skirt. It was brought into the consignment shop a couple years ago, the consigner never picked it up, and being the gorgeous piece it was, we kept on to it. Looks like it came to be in good use, yes? 

So tulle is currently a new favorite find of mine, so now if only I could find one to buy and wear....

These photos below were taken from Pinterest and are the types of tulle I'd love to add to my closet. 

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