Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lettin' it Swirl and Snow.

Talk about a heavy snowfall! I was completely surprised to see a torrent of fluffy flakes coming down outside today. Yes, the holiday season may be over but that doesn't mean that snow ceases to exist. In fact, with our luck, it would just start to get really intense AFTER the holidays! No problem.

It does stink though, that I see all of these cute outfit ideas on Pinterest and in magazines knowing that it would be disastrous to wear that here.Plus, staring longingly at my high heels is getting kind of sad. Adjustments need to be made because I can't go much longer as my precious items collect dust! Yeah, imagine clomping through the snow in my high heels. I would say it would be a sequel to Sandra  Bullock in "The Proposal" as she first arrives in Alaska.

Besides the snowfall, the wind sure has picked up. As I sit here now, I can hear it howling outside and whipping at my windows. Quite scary to hear our windmill picking up speed from the raging winds. At least we have a personal and natural plow truck for our snow! Thanks Mr. Windy.

See? Good things come out of these types of days.

Plus, I got to wear my camel LORD&TAYLOR coat that I got at the Goodwill in Scottsdale, and that brought back many good memories. 

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