Thursday, January 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday- My First Time..

Haha it's not what you think! You see, that's always my initial thought when I read the title to those YouTube videos done by famous YouTubers. Yes, today is the day in which I share two of my all time favorite British YouTubers- ladies and gentleman, let me introduce Jack and Finn Harries of "JacksGap."

Oh where to even start with these lads? From the beginning, I suppose. So my best bud Emma was the one to hook me onto these guys. I remember her telling me after I got interested in Ed that she had a bunch of YouTubers to show me. I totally remember thinking what the heck? Who has time for that? Little did I know, I was soon to be immersed in the world of the vlogging media. You see, vlogging is basically what I'm doing but on camera. Remember how I wanted to start my own vlog way back when? I still do, of course, and these guys are the main inspiration behind if. 

So one of the first videos she showed me were Dan Howell's on "danisnotonfire" and then came JacksGap. Oh wow. My very first video to watch of theirs was called " Ask Jack 2" and continues to be one of my all time favorites to this day. I could quote the whole thing, we watched it so many times. The laughing that comes with it is the type to make ones ribs sore and we were crouched over and totally enamored by this video.  I was hooked! 

The video is basically a bunch of questions that the viewers have asked Jack via the Internet and so it's all of his responses and some of them include some dares. One of my favorite parts is definitely when someone asks "can you blow out a candle with your nose?" And when he attempts it and succeeds.. Oh the face he makes! I just love the little burst of air through his nose and then the look of why yes I could is purely priceless. Obviously there are other parts as well that make me smile such as "freaking cats or dogs?!?! Euhhhh" Oh you simply must see it for yourself! I promise you won't regret it. 

Oh, and so Jack's twin brother, Finn, is also beginning to appear in most of his videos. I can't blame them- their viewings skyrocketed again ( not that they were ever low to begin with) one the public learned of not ONE adorably funny, articulate, and super attractive young British entertainer, but TWO, and twins at that. But it's not just their engrossing personalities and devastatingly good looks that make them so popular- they are seriously good at what they do. I don't know the details of it all, but they have excellent experience with videography, filming, photography, and an eye for professional display. They do great things for various charities, have their own website, collaborate with other successful YouTubers for more funny videos, travel the world and share their experiences, attend fashion shows ( for man)... Is there anything they cannot do? I just have a huge respect for these guys and I admire them profusely. 
So not only did this adorably cute and entertaining video hook me onto watching YouTubers ( as entertainment, who would've thought?), but onto vlogging as a possible outlet for me as well. It really does appear to be a popular and growing industry here and to jump on that bandwagon would simply be amazing. All it takes is that first step! 

Anyhow, I really do encourage you to check out their channel, or website, along with Marcus Butler TV, Dicasp, Tyker Oakley, The Pointless Blog TV, Danisnotonfire, and many others. There's a whole world out there full of these inspiring entertainers. And that whole "cheeky" thing that I have adopted into my repertoire? Yes, it happens to be Jack's favorite word, so thank you mate! 

Let me just show you what you're missing.. Yeah. 

This one right below is simply.. the best.

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