Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cookies and Major Ice.

It rained. 

All. Night. Long.

This creates quite a mess for us in the morning, the roads especially. Ice sheets blanket every available road surface, my car gets quite good at handling that tokyo drift, and the rates increase in falling bodies. 

But you know, I'm trying to have a positive outlook on things, even if I want to pound a couple big ones into the clouds and demand snowfall. The rain has brought on good things: warmer temperatures, and... that's about all I can say. But that's a lot, for me! Plus, it feels like breakup season, just exceptionally early in the year. 

Plus, it prompts my mom to bake cookies and I can never, EVER, complain about that. 

Everything melts..

This is the danger I'm talking about here. Do you see what I have to brave everyday?


What I wore: vintage shiny clip-on grape cluster earrings (used), red and white checkered men's top (used and purchased in Paris), a fashion face FOREVER 21 tee (birthday gift), black leggings, white socks, and red DOC MARTENS (used).

I cannot explain to you, the importance of freshly baked cookies. I swear, they are this infinitely precious concoction made to instantly warm the heart and pump positivity into the soul. Plus, they are doggone delicious. Paired next to a cup of coffee, and I can set the world on fire. 

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