Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who Run the World? (Tall) Girls.

So in case one wasn't aware, I'll share a little obvious secret. I am tall. Yes. Ever since I was born and I came out a mile long (okay, maybe not that long), I've always stood out with my height. I was always the tallest, I constantly get recruited for all the tall sports (including basketball, and volleyball), and have always been that lone tree standing there in the corner surrounded by shrimps. Now instead of cowering and slouching my back like I see so many hopeless girls doing due to embarrassment and shame, I take my height and use it to my advantage. Whenever I'm in a situation where I have doubts like " what makes me unique from these girls next to me?" my height is always a reassuring pat on my shoulder. If you were born to be tall, then strut your stuff and appreciate the gift of height! It kills me to see other girls so ashamed to have the tall genes ( I much prefer them over corduroy.. Haha I pulled a funny) because there is so much awesomeness that comes with being tall. You stand out, people automatically stare, you can see and reach things that shorties can't, and my favorite part is the tall person connection. It's like when you pass someone else who's tall, there's this silent communication thing like "Hey fellow tall person, I salute you." It's secretly a thing. Gotta be in the know. The tall person know. 😉 I mean, there are obviously some disadvantages to being tall. It's not all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. The first is guys. Now I don't know if the male species is blind at a younger age, or simply intimidated by our statuesque height, but tall people , or maybe just myself, are largely ignored. Perhaps later on they will appeeciate our tallness. I can hope! The second delio is the clothing problem. I personally have a 36" inseam and my legs stretch for ages. My solution? I simply shop at my favorite tall person store "Long Tall Sally" which carries clothing specially made for 6 ft 2" peeps like myself. So there are solutions! And the whole thing about tall girls not being able to wear heels? Like, it's illegal to be taller when you're already tall? Here's what I have to say to that. 

Yes, I found that on Pinterest and thought it was absolutely the bomb and explained my whole life. So today, I thought I'de share with you that being tall, or simply loving the size that you are, is a wonderful thing to appreciate. 

Ok, I had to end with a coffee because twy simply complete my life. Can't even say more on the subject  

What I wore: true striped lumberjack shirt (used by my aunt who wore it working inthe  Forest Service), black CAbi jeggings, tan COACH six inch wedge booties ( only like 40 bucks on sale!), and vintage gold necklaces (used). 

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