Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shopping Fix.

So it's been approximately a couple of months since I last went shopping. Seriously, I am on a shopping deficit here. Since living in a small community with very few thrifting and consignment choices, it makes it difficult for me to get my funk on when finding that deal. We had one consignment store here that my mom opened. Let me tell you about it! So it's called Curtain Call Consignment Boutique and it's been running strong for about three years now until all of a sudden, some doofus decided to drive through, not jsut an exterior wall, but THROUGH the store. So unfortunately, having a convenient place to shop at every weekend has been temporarily taken away from me and the rest of the community. That being said, between my busy work schedule and homeschooling, it's made it nearly impossible for me to take a break and escape to the city for some long overdue shopping; however, an opportunity did come up for my mom and I to take a little breather yesterday and drive up to the nearest big city (and only big city- Alaska Studies has taught me that over half the population of AK lives in this city), Anchorage, and have a day to ourselves. Between the stresses of this Curtain Call ordeal and my daily routines with early mornings, naps, and the occasional yoga class, this was the perfect chance for us to have a girly trip. And girly it was! We had major luck in all three of our favorite consignment stores (and then some), and there were multiple coffees and fabulous meals throughout the day as well.

The forecast called for rain, and indeed we did receive some, but it was actually a beautiful drive on the way up..

To start our day off on the right foot, and tis the season, we stopped at got Starbucks' signature Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Cheers to the start of a fabulous day!

Mumzy and I stopping for a photo. I'm surprised the guy working register didn't photobomb.. he was quite the odd ball and kept staring at me too. Prolly because he was jealous of my locks 'cause he had himself a ponytail going on there.

Now since this Starbucks was located right next to my favorite bra store "About Face", we decided to pop in there and look about. Well that turned into trying on and then purchases. And it's the type of store where they help you with fittings and such, just like the tv show "Double Divas." It was pretty grooving.

Here's an inside glimpse into one of my favorite consignment stores around, Plain Jane Consignment located on Northern Lights Blvd.

What I wore: cream vintage cashmere sweater with rhinstone buggies (used), J CREW bluesey checkered blouse (used), orange GAP skirt (used), black LONG TALL SALLY leggings, white socks, brown ankle combat boots (used), and then a brown DOLCE & GABBANA clutch (used).

I found it very ironic that while a lot of people prepare for the winter months dressing in blacks, grays, and browns (what I can dreary colors), I choose color! Now there of course is a time and a place for dreary colors, but when one is given color, dude, go all out.
Racks and racks of luscious cashmere sweaters, silk tops, beads, sparkles...

Lunch today was at one of my favorite little places called Organic Oasis. Since my sister loathes to go here, we decided to make a stop for an afternoon munchie. Here, I dined on the colorful yam stew.

Appetizer- some sort of avacado shrimp salad that was tasty wasty.

And for the main course, a stuffed chicken breast atop rise pilaf, smothered in some creamy cheese, and then accompanied by some steamed veggies.
I thought this was the most darling setup. The use of an old sewing machine.. genius!

Sometimes I think that the only attractive thing about a garment is the brand. Seriously. I would buy this cardigan even if it didn't fit just for this adorable tag.
Store number two of the afternoon: Clothsline Consignment located on Northern Lights Blvd. I love their girlish displays and colorful artwork. And of course their merchandise.

This is practically what my closet looks like. I know. Sad. But true.

Trying on- part two! And it seems that color agains seems to be in my favor.

Another example of cute tags! Do people who cut out their tags do so for this reason? Because they're freaking adorable?

So I may have had some luck in the Clothsline.. two pairs of boots later, and then some.

And last consignment shop on the list is the lovely Second Run Consignment located behind Nordstrom downtown.

And it appears once more that I had luck in there! Not only did I get yet another pair of boots ( that now makes three pairs in one single day), but I found a $5 item, and then a couple other of goodies.

So whilst shopping about and combing through the racks of designer dresses, this little guy decided to come up and give me a hand. What a cutie.

Dinner tonight, after a strenuous day shopping, was at my favorite cafe: Nordstrom Cafe. Being the only ones in there, it made for a quiet but lovely meal. And this is a Magic Bar, and let me tell you that it is magical indeed! Especially because we had dessert before dinner, what? ;)
My favorite soup in the whole wide world- creamy tomato. It not only tasts so creamy good, but it brings back memories of being in Arizona with one of my best buds and introducing her to this creation.It's also one of the best fall pick-me-ups and keep-me-warms.

And for the entree... this rosemary chicken avacado sanwhich on foccacia bread. DIVINE. Not even joking. And I was not afraid to eat it too!

I guess you could say that we had a cheeky girl's day out in Anchorage.

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