Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just Some Casual Coffee.

So because I am now homeschooling and every class is online, I find myself at various coffee shops using their Internet to help my education. Ha. The real reason is because I have access to coffee literally right there. There's just something about a coffee shop vibe that's so comforting and chill. Plus, the coffee is just as irresistible. My favorite drink at one of my favorite cafes here is a caramel macchiato. Now I know that technically a macchiato is simply shots of espresso with a dollop of marked foam on the top, but Starbucks also came out with their version and I find it to be pretty bomb as well. They should call it something like "caramel explosion" or something radical like that. So anyhow, I just spend most of my days doing homework and having a casual cup of joe!

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