Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frigid Fall.

Ok, I know it's inevitable for cold to start creeping in to Alaska's weather, but honestly, it's just the middle of September and we are already in the twenty degree temperature zones! The leaves haven't even fully turned and fallen to the ground and already there's frost snaking up on my car in the morning. What is this madness. I know it's nothing new to Alaska weather standards, but I guess it always surprises me anyway when it comes, especially because I was hoping for a longer fall, at least one that was semi-warm. The good thing to this new occurence, however, is that I get to spend my time indoors with a cup of coffee by my side and enjoy watching people scurry from their cars to indoors. It is quite a sight, but the minute it's my turn to go outside, yeah, not so funny anymore.
Homeschooling is going pretty groovy for me. My favorite class thus far is the BYU online fashion course. I am serioulsy learning so much and it's like i've always dreamed. As a kid, I had always hoped for a class where we get to learn about the importance of style as self expression, fashion history, and how to open a business, and there's actually a class for it! I am thoroughly enjoying myself, let me tell you. The current lesson that I am on is "I Have Nothing to Wear!" Story of my life, yeah? It talks about the importance of style and how to edit one's closet in order to mirror our personalities. They talk about extroverted, introverted, feeling, thinking (I would be introverted and feeling) and how this effects how we dress. And then it goes on saying how style isn't just about clothing, but how it also deals with hair, makeup, accessories, attitude, and evevn body language! I am seriously thrilled beyond belief to be finally taking a class of my dreams. So although the frigid weather has made me feel somewhat upset, I get to make up for it by coffee and learning about what I love most: style!

What I wore: baby blue FREE PEOPLE tank, JULIE'S CLOSET tunic (sale!), army green AERIE leggings, and navy blue SACHELLE boots (used).

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