Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brisk Days and Banana Bread.

There's just something about fall that's so insanely comforting. Leaves falling, colors changing, pumpkin lattes, and cashmere sweaters give this season a cuddly and cozy feeling to it. Now I wish our fall season lasted longer because in all actuality, it's here about two weeks before turning to snow and there is such a short amount of time to really enjoy and appreciate the gorgeous season that it is.  For me personally, it is my all time favorite season. Take today for instance- although it wasn't the 26 degree temperature it was a couple of days ago (seriously its only September), there was a brisk feel to the air. Now I only know about that because my customers complained of the cold as I stood behind the coffee bar with my toasted marshmallow tan mocha, but still! And then arriving home, I was instantly bombarded with the homey smell of banana bread. Plopped right out of the oven, and warm on my hand, it truly was  epitome of a brisk fall day. 

What I wore: GAP off white sweater (used), navy birdie GAP tank (mega sale), caramel leather belt (used), mustard vintage pleated PRINCETON skirt (used), chocolate ankle MIZ MOOZ buckle boots (sale at Nordstrom Rack), misc navy socks, and mustard vintage ribbon tied as a bow in my hair!

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