Friday, September 27, 2013

Mr. Windy Go Away.

When I was a little girl, my dad came up with a little ditty to go along with wind because sometimes, that bad boy can be a pain in the rump. And Kenai is Mr. Windy City and so naturally, it fits along. It goes a little something like this.. "Mr. Windy go away, come back and blow another day. Mr.Windy you're so strong, why do you have do blow so long?" Today was one of those days. For the most part, the leaves had thus far stayed on the trees but today was the breaking point for most of them to flutter down in a blowy manner. And when it blows here, it blows hard. So I bundled up in some fall colors (of course) and enjoyed the wind from the comfort of the indoors. 

Even my coffee senses a change in the season. 

What I wore: off-white GAP cardigan (used), silk mustard blouse (used), vintage rhinestone iridescent choker (used), taupe LONG TALL SALLY skinnies, and white FRYE ankle boots (used). 

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