Monday, September 9, 2013

Intelligence is Beauty.

So I was scrolling through my Facebook  yesterday and I came across a photo that my favorite campaign "Healthy is the New Skinny" posted. It really touched me and inspired my outfit of choice for today. It read "Intelligence is Beauty" and I was touched. Nowadays, society attributes beauty to be about the body and looks and not about what's underneath. But in reality, that's what makes a person beautiful. The personality, the humor, and the intelligence. We forget that being smart can be a beautiful thing. Being able to have intelligent conversations with someone is nothing to be ashamed about! And if the person thinks that you being too smart isn't attractive, then they're not the one for you anyway. The right person will appreciate your smarts and you'll attract someone who finds those qualities about you to be amazing. I'de rather be dubbed as one of the smart kids than a bimbo. So be proud of your intelligence! It will take you far in life. 

What I wore: a royal blue JUST GINGER top (used), a J CREW vintage inspired book cardigan (used), mustard VANILLA STAR skinnies (used), and brown MIA combat boots (used). 

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