Friday, September 20, 2013

Girls Rule.

So it may come to a surprise to you, but I am actually not boy savvy. I know. I know. Being tall and homeschooled and altogether shy shouldn't inhibit me from being a suave talker to the male species, but apparently it does. I've always had kind if a hatred towards guys WAY back when I was in grade school and I always thought they were lame, but it's like I've turned a corner and all of a sudden, I long to have some sort of chat or relationship with a guy. All those countless hours of listening to British love songs (thank you 1D, Ed Sheeran, and Conor Maynard) and watching classic love stories (Nicholas Sparks, you are mostly to blame), and then reading all those fairy tale perfect high school books are really taking a toll on me. And yes, I am only a senior in high school and I have my whole future ahead of me and everything but I've never even known what it feels like to be on the opposite end of a crush. And even if someone had a crush on me, you'd either have to spell it out clearly to me (I am horrible at reading guys), or something. I dunno. I guess all of this comes from the fact that I was sorta stood up tonight. Im sure there was some miscommunication in the matter but nonetheless, it does hurt a lot to be ditched like that. And it wasn't even a real date or anything which is kinda stinky. I looked forward to it all day.. The possibility of watching a movie with a guy, but I guess some dudes don't realize that little things like that can hurt someone like me who's never even been on a date. Who knows. So I dressed today at first all 'come hither' like (it is now my new favorite term for some reason), but then I was scrolling through one of my countless old movie star books and came across a photo of Marilyn in an outfit very similar to what I was wearing! So I guess the moral of the day, for me at least, and in the particular mood that I am currently in, is that girls still rule to me. And maybe that attitude is the reason that I've never done activities with guys or gone on dates, but I don't know guys well enough and apparently when I give them a chance, they just toss it back in my face. Yeah, I'm a little hurt and confused. And besides the countless  things Marilyn has taught me ( it sounds like I know her personally, which I wish I did), one thing caught my attention ad helped me move on from my saddened state. 

Now obviously I'm not as sensual and captivatingly mysterious as THE Marilyn, but a girl can dream! 

And yes, those are random cake pops in the photo because they are homemade and absolutely delicious and they had to make an appearance. 

What I wore: KATE SPADE floral retro sunnies, a black and white shaggy ALICE &OLIVIA cardigan (totally on sale at the Neiman Marcus outlet), black BANANA REPUBLIC tank, locomotive style high waisted AMERICAN APPAREL skinnies (Paris), and royal blue DOLCE VITA flats (sale at Nordstrom!). 

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