Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Song for Sunday- Do You Hear What I Hear?

I seriously cannot even believe that Christmas is simply a couple of days away.

Where has time disappeared to? I guess when December hits, the holiday season just flies by in a blue with all of the bustle and activity. 

I just want to remember the importance and true meaning of the holiday. Thanks to the incessant and annoying ads and  advertisements shoved in our faces, the true message is lost and forgotten. It is the birth of Jesus and it's the season for giving and family. Being together and helping those in need. The true meaning of Christmas is so beautiful and special and it's such a shame to be lost to gifts and selfishness. 

This particular version of the song, sung by the beautiful Vanessa Williams is one of my favorites not only for the true story of Jesus Christ's birth, but for the sound. I simply love the choir and the whole voices raised and sung together feel of it. Plus, Vanessa has a lovely voice. 

I just have so many memories with this song.. Early morning drives to school and the anticipation of doing the admen calendar every morning before breakfast. It's just a beautiful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. 

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