Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cashmere Flurries.

Oh it's finally snowing here! I've only been waiting the past couple of weeks for this "winter wonderland" to actually arrive. We've been in this wet rut for a bit now and twas getting quite old.

It's the big moist guys too, my favorite type of snow.

So I thought that I would share my favorite holiday specials with you. The first: cashmere. As one can assume, I am quite a fan of this soft fabric. I really got into the adoration a couple of years ago thanks to the effective advertising in J Crew magazines. I would spend hours adoring the "Italian cashmere" in all of these beautiful colors and putting cashmere at the top of my Christmas list. It's incredibly special to me and although I am not on that ever-searching hunt for cashmere items, I still love it when I find a special cashmere article of clothing.

The second would be my favorite holiday colors. Now I know that there are common holiday themes that come this time of year, the most traditional being red, green, and white. My favorite, however, would be pink, silver, and gold. In fact, my room's displays are in such colors! I just find them incredibly feminine and crystalline. They're classic and glamorous and continue to be a constant in my holiday wardrobe.

So thanks to cashmere and snow, I had myself a happy day.

What I wore: pink chunky statement necklace (used), gray SAMANTHA TAYLOR cashmere top (used), pink pleated H&M skirt (used), silver ballet flats. 

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