Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mad for Mint and Lovely Lunch.

I have finally discovered my favorite color. Well, technically, it's two colors. But today, I'm only talking about one. After searching through Tiffany blue, Dior gray, radioactive salmon, and such, I have settled on sea foam/mint.

It's so classy and chic and I've had a penchant for all things mint since as long as I can remember: mint tea, mint desserts, you name it! It's crispy and mysterious and I always think of those electric York commercials where ones eyes bulge in strong satisfaction.

Now there are many variations of the color, but today I have settled on a light hue. Very clean cut and pristine, like Listerine. Where am I getting all of these comparisons from? Goodness.

Anyhow, asides from my wardrobe, it seems that this mint color has made an appearance in my car choices. I've been using cars we already have in the family, but seeing as how I will be away at college, a car is highly encouraged where I'm looking. Ironically, the Fiat 500 comes in such the color. Great.

See what temptations I'm plagued with on a daily basis here?

Anyhow, today's outfit inspiration came from such a color and I literally felt like a candy cane. A mint one. 

What I wore: pink TASHA collar (onsale at Nordstrom Rack), a striped hourglass mint GAP dress (courtesy of it not fitting my sister- lucky me!), a sparkly KATE SPADE clutch (used), pink ballet tights (thanks goes to my sister again), and gray EARTH boots (used).

And I got to wear this special outfit for one of my favorite occasions- lunch at the lovely Heidi's house. Gosh, Christmas is truly not complete unless I enter her beautiful home for an afternoon. It's truly precious and I feel incredibly homey and comfortable at her place. She has a gift for that, that's for sure!

The drive up was gorgeous, as usual.

It appears that I have magic animal powers for her cat and dog flocked to me and I continued to play with them all during the lunch hour!

Lunch was three types of delicous salads: one included kale, one had this creamy good dressing, and the other had bacon. Can never go wrong with bacon.

Harney&Sons tea continues to hold warm memories for me.

Dessert was gluten free brownies with powdered sugar on top- surprisingly very delicious. And coffee, but of course!

My mom got this lovely mirror from one of her friends- I found myself staring back. What a coincidence we look so much alike!

You can never go wrong with afternoons in Alaska like this.

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