Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Braving the -20 Temps.

OH how cold it is. It's the frigid cold that seeps into one's bones and stays stagnant even after one goes inside. It's the type of weather that freezes the buggers in your nose and turns wet hair into crisp white frosts. It makes the air you breath come out in white plumes and makes you cover every inch of your very being.

Let me tell you, it is none too pleasant to go outside in! But me being.. well, me, I decided to take a mini stroll outside for some photos. Since our last snowfall, we have been lucky to have been able to keep the snow and the way it stays frozen to the trees looks like crispy frosty decor. Twas quite lovely out and so I simply had to go out and capture some photos.

Just for the record, I won't be doing it again in -26 degrees. Far too chilly for my liking. I had to step in multiple feet of snow just to reach photographic standpoints and even with my puffy gloves on, my fingers turned purple just from ten minutes outside.

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