Friday, December 27, 2013

Above at Last.

On my goodness how cold the last couple of days have been! It was the hardcore nose pinching, icy air, and frozen car door cold that leaves me shivering from the outside in and the inside out.

We have finally been blessed with warmer temperatures, a whopping positive three degrees today! My ensembles have been reduced to heavy costs and skin mostly covered. It's unbearable when it's like this and of course I don't want to go outside and take photos when it's this nasty! 

Hopefully things will look up from now on because I still have all of these winter outfit inspirations simply waiting to be worn. 

Here we are today! I got lots of comments today that I looked like an ornament.. Thank you?

What I wore: a Nordic inspired FREE PEOPLE sweater (used), red legging (used), oatmeal leg warmers, and dark grey EARTH boots (used). 

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