Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's a Fabulous Friday.

Oh thank goodness it's Friday. I mean, not that I have school off or work off, but there is something satisfying about a Friday, being the end of the week and all that.

It's been a bit of a rough one with the weather these past couple of days. If its not below zero, it has to me freezing rain and icy roads. Honestly, why can't Alaska weather simply be snowy and nice?

On the bright side, I am forever glad that it isn't below zero! Anyhow, I just had some lovely and exciting little things that made my day today. Apparently, Amanda Bynes will be attending the same college as I ( SHE KNOWS CHANNING TATUM) and then one of my past crushes started following me on Instagram, and I had a lovely glee moment with squeals and jumping. The feels, man.

Also, we had a late night at Curtain Call this evening, a mini pre-holiday extravaganza for some ladies and ingot to get all dressed up and into the holiday spirit. I love this time of year. Truly. But there was one thing that did irk me. Oh yes. So apparently, a One Direction tee shirt came into the shop today and my mother called dibs on it. Oh yes, she did. She wore it all evening and showed it off, knowing that it bothered me. I mean, it's all in good fun, but in the end, I want the shirt. I do, I do.

I hope your Fridays all went as swell as mine did, and ending with a One Direction song title, "Live While We're Young."

I just can't even handle this. 

What I wore: mustard silk J CREW blouse (used), vintage rhinestone necklace (used), black cashmere beaded neck J CREW tunic (used), black ribbed KATE SPADE tights, and sparkly J CREW loafers (major sale). 

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