Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Give to the Claus.

Every time Glee's We Need a Little Christmas comes on, memories from last year come rushing back to me. Now believe it or not, I was a "pommie" during my time at Horizon High School. A "pommie" is the term for a dancer on the spirit line that competes in dance yet still cheers at the appointed sports games. I had no idea what I was getting myself into ( seriously, the only cheering I have ever done was onstage as I played Patty Simcox in Grease) but by this point, I had many friends on the team and I enjoyed the change of scenery.

S it being Christmas and all, we had a little fundraiser benefit thing deal going on. We all donated gifts to this local cause called "Give to the Claus" which technically gave the proceeds to children in need who weren't as fortunate as the rest of us this holiday season. It was also called "Operation Santa Claus" and aside from the gifts, we put together a little dance- taking one of our sideline dances and putting it to, what do you know, that Glee song. 

What I didn't know is that we were going to be filmed for the abc15 channel and aired on tv. Now I had been on tv once before for an interview on an elephant here in Alaska many years back in the sixth grade, but this felt official. They had the crew telling us the plan, we got set up ( I was in the back, no surprise, but at least in the center), and then there was the whole 3-2-1 countdown and there we were! Since my aunt had recorded it, I got to see it all and I was quite a sight to behold. They Varsity Pom captains happened to be in front of me during the interview and I'm just there in the background being my usual smiley self, quite distracting from the  obvious subject. It was hilarious. And when they shows doing the little performance, I'm just this huge gleeful giant in the background proudly sporting my HHS uniform like a certain Quinn Fabrey. 

I must say that it's the memories like that that make my holiday season so special. It's not always  about the stuff I can hold in my hand that matters, but sometimes the emotional memories that make this season so bright to me.

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