Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some Good Things Come in Tall Packages.

Today was our special yearly trip down to the Homer production of The Nutcracker. 

It feels like Christmas is finally here after watching the lovely community version of the classic holiday classic of The Nutcracker. Because Homer is such an eclectic town anyway, their vision for the show is always a little out of the box and unique. For instance, this year, they had dub-step incorporated Tchaikovsky music with full on robot dancing and even glow in the dark hula hoops incorporated! It's a nice refresher and I can tell that the performers are having fun and so it's a nice change from the classical. And the costumes and sets are always top notch as well.

Plus, I just feel like the holiday season has truly arrived once The Nutcracker has come out. It's like, Hey, time to decorate and really get into the spirit of the season. Because let's be honest here, our house isn't decorated yet- we have the lights outside and some miscellaneous decorations here and there, but now that we saw the show, I think the inspiration for getting in the mood of Christmas has finally arrived.

Besides the great show, Homer always has a craft fair as well with unique booths selling Alaskan goodies and such. There's food, photos with Santa, goodies you don't need, and plus, it's a wonderful occasion to dress up. I know we have so many opportunities to put on some red lipstick and high heels here. ;)

'Tis the season, I suppose!

And can we talk about the fact that I felt like a present today, tied with a big red bow. I'm not complaining though! I loved it.

Lunch this afternoon was one of the many delicious restaurants in Homer, Alaska- Two Sisters Bakery.

First, we begin with a signature holiday classic- eggnog latte.

Then we move on to the main meal- thai peanut soup. 

And skipping towards dinner, and after the lovely Nutcracker, we find solace in the cozy Mermaid Cafe.

My friend Caroline and I enjoy our drinks. I didn't actually have wine, it's my mum's. We split the latte, truly. 

The tapas to start our meal were lamb sliders. Incredible.

After much debating between salads, pastas, pizzas, and more, I settled on this delectable treat- pan seared duck breast with Moroccan glaze and pomegranate pearls. Wow.

And to finish off the taste-bud explosion of our meal, we all split some desserts. Here, we have dried Nutella and banana ice cream with pink whipp cream. And it was magical, no joke. The Nutella was powder, yes? But the second it hit the moistness of my mouth, it instantly turned into the rich and thick original Nutella spread. How did they do that?

Oh, we're not done yet! Here, we have chocolate potdu cream over this peanut butter mousse with pink whipped cream and green tea sprinkles on top. What a mouthful, no pun intended. If I could eat like this everyday...

And here we close with bright and merry hearts.

What I wore: fuzzy abominable snowman PARKHURST shrug (used), vintage rhinestone earrings (used), black with red bow CORDELIA dress (used), black holed tights, and black FRYE boots (used).

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