Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve and Back on My Feet.

Oh the last couple of days have been a gnarly one for me, indeed. I was struck with a horrible food poisoning incident late Saturday night and have been slowly recovering. Let me tell you, it was none too pleasant in the least. I was stuck in bed, had no interest in consumption of food or coffee (at that point, something is seriously wrong with me), no exercising, and complete laziness.

But what do you expect from a young woman who just had her tummy spun through the ringer?

Needless to say, I am feeling much better and would like to say am about recovered from this little sickness!

But good things have come my way in the darkness, for with dark shadows must come bright lights. I received a lovely package from FIDM, equipped with all this college gear that makes me all the more excited to go. I also have my dates booked for London and that makes me bloody mad with excitement. Also, my sister and I are almost done with the second season of American Horror Story, which will be a bittersweet finish to a groovy tv show. And speaking of, my meal tonight was inspired by a meal cooked in the show by Bloody Face- a Gouda Croque Monsieur and tomato basil soup. Success! And my first real meal in days.

"Sometimes, I just don't care!" made famous by Viner Marcus Johns. He is seriously a bundle of joy. 

So you see, I haven't be too terribly deprived! 

Seeing how it is New Years and all, I decided to go with my favorite holiday look- sequins! Paired with an Alaskan girl's winter essentials, it turned out to be pretty warm against the high winds and cold weather.

What I wore: BCBG "Fierce" necklace (Christmas gift), coral colored LUSH top (used), my brother's corduroy top, sequined FRENCH CONNECTION mini-skirt (used), black tights, pink J CREW socks (major sale), and black NINE WEST ankle booties (Nordstrom Rack).

I also spent the day with my fabulous sister.. Mostly eating the day away and starting the altogether wicked series of Harry Potter. Oh the childhood memories. 

I must finish this post off early, even when it is 8:30. I'm volunteering tomorrow to raise money for our local food bank at my work and a girl must get her beauty sleep! I've never been one to full on celebrate New Years anyway.. I'm not the intense partying type (I much prefer family time and coffee cheers) and it's late for me to be up anyway. But I will wish you all a Happy New Year and will talk to.. Next year! 


(This is cider, I promise) 

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