Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ice Pellets Make Me Roar.

Honestly woman, ice pellets? Is that the best you can hit me with at this point, Madame Mother Nature?

It appears that in lieu of our glorious snowfall, we are also graced with the sting of freezing rain. 

Goody goody. 

So I fought back in my own passion and fury and roared right at 'em! Let them hit me with their best shot for I will roar right back.

Wind and ice pellets are no match for me.

What I wore: gold dangly earrings (thank you Mum), cheetah print long-sleeved OLD NAVY top (thanks to my sister), gold sparkly BANANA REPUBLIC skinny belt (sale), black WORTHINGTON high waisted pencil skirt (used), and high ankle COACH wedges (major sale).

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