Thursday, December 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Mr. Bear.

My favorite cuddle buddy, my Maximus, my Mr. Bear.

Ladies and gentleman, let me tell you the tale of Mr. Bear. So it was about this time last year that we were having a Secret Santa in my drama class. After receiving coffee goodies, chocolate, the works, it came to be the last day and I found this gigantic bear with my name on it. 

It seriously was huge. And it was such a thoughtful gift because it reminded me of home and he was so incredibly adorable and cuddly. 

At first, I wanted to name him Maximus, not only for his size, but I had a crush named Max and I am that type to sadly name her stuffed animal after a crush that I had no future with. 

He is seriously the best. I can cuddle with him so easily and he has these long arms that wrap around me and his floppy head provides the perfect pillow. Mr. Bear came to me after noticing that I called him that when talking in my baby voice. Do you ever do that with pets, toys, babies, or is it just me? No shame guys! 

And he even got to travel on the plane with me when I came home. I was totally that girl that you see on the plane with three gazillion bags, coat, coffee, pastry bag, and then that gigantic stuffed animal. Oh it was quite a sight to see. 

So that's Mr. Bear for you! He's added to the family next to Poo, Winnie, Mini Winnie... The list goes on and on. Currently my favorite cuddle bud. 

Man, it was only three when these were taken and its that dark already! Sheesh. 

What I wore: black heart trimmed DONNA LEE'S chunky sweater (Goodwill), wool oatmeal J CREW skirt (used), gray socks, and brown BCBG ankle booties (used). 

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