Saturday, December 28, 2013

Peaches and Cream.

Today turned out to be splendid. I worked, put in a nap, and then had the greatest luck "working" at Curtain Call Consignment.

In reality, when I say "work", what I really do is shop most of the time. Oh sure, I help go through people's items, check customers out, and go through old inventory, but all the while, I am constantly bombarded with priceless items just calling my name. Try me on! They shout. Well, it would be rude not to..

I also think the time is coming up in which I introduce you to my YouTubers. I think it only fair that you should experience these feels that I live with. Plus, they make me smile, and anything that does that is sure to be on my list of entertainment. So look for that in the near future!

Today's ensemble came from my second favorite color: peach/coral. Paired with a light cream and it's genius. And although it was a whopping twelve degrees warmer from the past couple of days, there was a wind and so my coat and accessories decided to stay on. Oh the trouble of cold weather and decent outfit pictures...

At least I had my Vesspa coffee cup to keep my hands toasty!

What I wore: handmade peachy flower headband (practically a staple in any Alaskan girl's closet), vintage rhinestone floral earrings (used), navy BURBERRY cashmere scarf (used), cream beaded oxford collar BLU PEPPER blouse (Disneyland), peach J CREW sweater (used), kelly green TULLE jacket (thanks Santa), LTS high waisted jeans (tall people purchase), and cream FRYE boots (used). 

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