Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday- It's Time.

Take it back to February of this year.. I have not yet told you this, but the weeks in mid month of Feb were some of the best of my life. Besides the fact that the Brits were here (I have yet to tell you about all of that excitement), I went to an Ed Sheeran concert, AND an Imagine Dragon's Concert. There was just all of this excitement that month that I can easily say that it was the Best Week Ever. There were just so many parts of it.. there will be another time and place to indulge into all of them, but today, I'm gonna focus on one aspect that kind of started the whole week. 

Now I've never been to a concert myself. Living in Alaska kind of inhibits me from experiencing the whole concert excitement, and so that was one of the plus sides in being in big city Phoenix for the year. I got to experience two! The one I'm talking about today is the Imagine Dragon's one and the reason for this sudden interest is that well.. I'm actually going to see them again. YES. I booked my trip to Arizona anyway and conveniently, they are playing the same week I am there and so I thought why not share a little of this past experience with you since I've been so moved by their show?

Well, as most general admission concerts go, it would be a lie to say it wasn't crazy. After the incredibly long wait outside, we were ushered through these tiny doors and into this crammed room where people were pushing and shoving to get souvenir concert memorabilia. I did. Anyway, the opening of the doors into the actual concert hall was the most insane. It was like a herd of trampeding rabid dogs fighting for the best spot at the front. And I am the worst person to play dirty and so I just followed my friend.

Honestly, my friend and I ended up in the mosh pit. Pretty epic and darn right scary. All those past warnings from my mom about being trampled and squished starting running through my mind, but I told myself to calm down and just go with the flow. They never tell you this about concerts, but they are kind of painful. Besides the three hour long standing wait outside, you're ushered- no, shoved- into this squishy sardine-packed blob with five hundred other sweaty bodies pushing and shoving to get near the front. And the room is by golly roasting hot and you start to notice all these nit-picky things about how uncomfortable the situation is. For instance, people trick you by saying "Oh, my friend is right up there, have to go be with her!" and you know it's just a mischievous effort to get to the front. And then the people with their bloody hair down. It not only get's caught on people's sweaty skin, but it's itchy and highly uncomfortable to stand.

But hey, height is a big advantage for me! I could tell that the shorter people were a little irked at not being able to see and so I was wholly appreciative of my height advantage and being able to see the actual show. Oh, and it helped intimidate some drunks. There was indeed alcohol and therefore drunk people. Hey, it's the concert scene.. Getting drunk and high is the norm around here. Ok, it doesn't give you an excuse to behave like a numb skull. Seriously. My friend and I almost got punched in the literal face because we were trying to politely tell this rude flailing drunk lady to quit laying on us and waving her arms like a madwoman. I guess I kind of expected this from a rock concert, I just didn't expect for it to actually go down. But the stories!

Ok, so other than those slight annoyances, the concert was seriously fantastic. The two opening bands were Alto Vega and Atlas Genius (they were awesome), and then Imagine Dragons were simply epic. I mean, I already admire their music to the tee, but seeing them that excited and in tune to what they were doing was incredible. They are true performers. And we were singing along at the top of our lungs and it all just felt surreal and amazing. Especially when "Radioactive" began and Dan was there banging that drum for all it was worth, and then the emotional journey during "Demons." It was one unforgettable concert and I simply cannot wait for the next one coming soon!

Here, my concert buddy Emma and I pose for a quick photo before heading off. I went for a total 80's look because when I was talking to Mom about the dangers of concerts, she mentioned how she went to a crazy one too. Which one? Just Gun's N Roses. Yeah, just stop.

Here, Wayne, nicknamed "Jesus" ( he kinda looks like it) rocks out to the guitar solo he's nailing. 

Emma and I made some friends! You can see them totally photo bombing there. 

An eerie photo of Dan ominously singing "Demons."

A fitting quote from "Radioactive": Breathing in the chemicals... Huhhhhhh ahhhhh."

And the epic drumming to top single "Radioactive." It blew my mind. 

Believe it or not, my friend and I are there in the audience somewhere...

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