Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creeping Countdown.

Since it is officially T-minus 24 hours until the official date of Halloween, I thought I would dress a little on the creepy side. Now while I'd like to go all out and wear an old creepy mask around town in preparation for one of my favorite holidays of the season, I'll just stick to incorporating some amount of Halloween mystique into my wardrobe.

Today, I chose to go with webbed fishnet tights in a witch-like manner. I also added an Edward Scissor Hand-like necklace and creepy raven to go along with Edgar Allen Poe's whole "Raven" theme. Tis the season!

Twas indeed the season outside. The wind continues to blow here with such force for some odd reason, but at least the downpour of rain has ceased, at least for a little while. Yeah, the wind was so bad that it knocked over our flag pole from a tree with the American Flag perched on it. Sitting there on the ground is not only disrespectful, but bad luck. CREEEEPY.

Anyhow, I am more than excited for tomorrow. I'm thinking holiday colors and possibly some baking with a friend since we're too old to trick-or-treat (it's cold outside anyway) and there are never any haunted houses or parties in this small town. Looking forward to it anyways! 

What I wore: scissor necklace (birthday gift from the best sister ever), bird necklace (thank you Mumzy!), grey cashmere LA MADE sweater (used), high waisted MARITHE GIREAUD FRANCOIS denim shorts (Value Village), spidey like KATE SPADE rights (sale at Nordstrom Rack), and cream colored FRYE boots (used). 

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