Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ready, Aim, Fire.

It's about time that some recognition goes to one of the best superheroes of our time. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the one and only IRON MAN.

You've probably heard of him. His rocking various suits, Jarvis in his ear, and his charismatic,womanizing,cocky, and egotistical attitude ( that comes from Tony Stark as well). 

Now I am personally not a comic nerd, but I'm thinking that its about time. My brother has stacks of comics in his room and my sister has even read them. I do know a lot about the IRON MAN epic but I want to be a true Iron Man fan, you know? I've only seen the movies (which are completely awesome except for the last one where they completely destroy Mandarin's character) and now I'm ready to become an all knowing fan. 

Seriously, my sister and I have quite the quote battles in all the Iron Man films. It can be pretty intense sometimes. Plus, when he's with the other Avengers, it's sheer powered awesomeness. 

So today at work, being in the spirit of Halloween and such, my coworker and I dressed up as superheroes. Naturally, one can guess that I was indeed Iron Man and then she was Storm from the X Men series. Let the battles for tips begin my friend. 

What I wore: red tulle hair bow (used), MARVEL vintage Iron Man tee ( and my sister is incredibly jealous that I have this but I told her that it was seriously mine because I bought it at Elan's Vintage Boutique in Rapid City, SD- so there), red  ALEXANDER WANG high waisted red shorts (used), black tights, and striped cozy UGG boots (used). And of course my borrowed brother's Iron Man mask!


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