Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day Trip with Dad.

You know how I find myself complaining of boredom and loneliness all the time? Well I figured that to solve that problem, I simply had to suggest plans to do with people! It's incredible what some initiative will do. Goes a long way, does it not? With that in mind, I suggested that my dad and I go on a hike today. My mom and sister will still recovering from their heavy shopping day yesterday, and so it twas just Dad and I.

We started out at the hospital where I joined my dad on some of his patient rounds. The last patient didn't recall who my dad was and when we left the room, I inquired cause I thought it was odd. Turns out, she's a ninety-eight year old woman! Crazy. Born in 1915.. imagine the things she must have lived through! No wonder she doesn't remember who my dad was, even if he was her doctor. She's got almost one hundred years of other stuff to remember.

After a nice drive to our destination with "Book of Mormon" playing in the background (remember how my dad and I saw that in Chicago?), we finally arrived to an empty trailhead. Groovy, we got the trail to ourselves!

Now living in Alaska, there's a constant worry of bears around here, especially when it involves hiking in the wilderness. Naturally, my dad came prepared with a pistol. But it's so crazy to think about sometimes- the possibility and chance of running into an actual bear. But hey, it happens! Just to let you know, we did not end up running into any bears although we came across our fair share of bear scat (poop) and claw marks. That's enough for me on bear presence!

Mr. Windy was definitely out today, and blowing his hardest. I was bundled up with all my skin as hidden as it could go, and up we trudged through the muddy trail. Yes, the rain was kind enough to leave us lovely stretches of mud. I guess it's expected, living in Alaska and all that.

It was indeed lovely to have the trails to ourselves and to spend some time with my dad. I really had a great time. And we even had a bet to see who would fall first. Who fell first? That would be me. Silly lens cap onto the camera made me fall, but no worries, my camera is safe and sound! Just not my muddy pants, but that's not too bad. Arriving at the top was a bloody hurricane of wind. It was blowing every which way and we barely found a secluded spot to have our post-workout snackums. And we made it back at our goal time.. I'd say it was a perfect day to be with Dad.

Prepping the trip with a much needed pistol for bears..

My hiking attire!

Out trailhead to Skilak Lookout..

It appears to be quite a popular destination trail this time of year, you see?

Just me and my daddy. 

Here we go!

Apparently they are now requiring you to brush off your shoes to avoid unwanted weed seeds? Hmmm

So here, in the next couple of photos, is a progression of the seven trees that we had to cross on this trail. Seven. Trees. 

Seriously, does this not look like a person?

These would be the lovely low bush cranberries or lingon berries. 

Obviously pinecones. 

And the now dead fireweed, yet still beautiful. 

Have you ever come across devils club or bears club? It is bloody spiky. 

Proof that bears were once here and enjoying the land!

And those are real life bear claw prints.. Gnarly yes?

WE MADE IT TO THE TOP, where the wind greeted us with more than open arms. 

Lunch was cold. Very so. 

Lunch! Left for me, right for Dad. 

Hello! Almost there! Keep on keeping on. Thought this little added inspiration was cute.

The mud had its damage on me..

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