Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Walk in the Woods.

So this is not at all a glamorous post. It's more of a thoughtful and deep one. Yes, I can be thoughtful! Haha. Anyhow, I decided, out of pure boredom, to take a walk this evening. The sun was still out, the air was clear with bits of wind sparkng up, an overall beautiful time for a little romp in the woods. Warned against bears and highly advised not to go into the woods, what did I end up doing? Going into the woods. I was prepared, my phone was on me. Anyhow, I discovered absolute beauty on my walk. The trees have mostly turned bare and spindly due to our ravaging winds lately, so the ground was scattered with the colorful remnants of once blooming leaves. The air was damp and behind the smell of decaying and wet plants, a faint whiff of smoke could be smelled. Not the nasty smoke, but like a fire. That woodsy cozy stuff that triggers memories of cabins and s'mores. Looking this way and that, in case a bear did decide to make a showing, I found myself at the edge of the bluff. Now where I live, the bluff is literally our backyard to the famous Kenai River, home of the king salmon. Looking down at the winding stairs that lead to the river, I plopped on down there in my cozy Ugg boots. * I used to detest these boots back in the middle school, but have found them to be quite cozy and comfortable* Sitting on the grating of these metal stairs was more comfortable than I thought, for I ended up spending quite a but of time there. With my head resting on the bars and my feet dangling over the sloping bluff, I got to look out at the moving river and think. Gosh, I realized I live in a beautiful place. Simply amazes me sometimes. I found myself to be so blessed to live on a bloody river in the state of Alaska! Ever just take a moment to look around you and realize how lucky you have it? Today was one of those days for me. Appreciation and gratitude for what I am and what I have. And I was even inspired enough to sing aloud to some Ed Sheeran and Passenger! Always a must on my iPod. This act of boredom turned into an act of appreciation. It's the little things that one takes for granted that end up bringing one a surprising gift of happiness. 

And I found these adorable pinecones that looked frosted! Sweet. 

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