Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Song for Sunday- I Think It's Going to Rain Today.

So I'm always on the lookout for discovering new music, especially music from the heart. The emptiness of today's pop songs just don't do anything for me anymore. Yeah, I enjoy a good pop song every now and then, but what really intrigues and impresses me are the songwriters that write their own stuff that touches its listeners. I was watching "Almost Famous" yesterday, the one with Kate Hudson? Well I like how they differentiated true fans from the groupies. I guess I could be called a fan. I like a group, or an artist for their music and their message they send. That's the stuff that makes me truly love an artists music. I think the term "fan" today has been so misconstrued into posters, screaming, stalking, fan fiction, liking posts to the extreme, naming pets like the person, liking what they like, and being all consumed with who they are as an image, but to me, being a fan is loving the music, sound, and meaning of the songs. I'm all for being a little fan crazy at times, but in the end, appreciating the music instead of the image is what's important to me. I found an Adele quote that I quite enjoyed. 

Isn't that what music is about? And I am not saying that I haven't had those moments where I fan girl to some group (ahem One Direction), but I still have valid reasons for enjoying music, whether its lyrics, harmonies, or what the artist stands for. I don't know. It's difficult to explain sometimes. Anyhow, like I said about the discovery of new artists, I was looking in my Marie Claire magazine from a few months back and found an up and coming artist named Tom Odell. Intrigued that he was a British singer/songwriter, I immediately looked up his stuff and was amazed. His sound, the lyrics, it's so amazing and raw. His voice isn't technical (which I love), and it's powerful and you can feel emotion out of his songs. 

And ironically, when I introduced him to my friend who introduced me to British music in the first place (Ed, 1D, Passenger, etc), she ended up being luckily chosen to win a signed record for signing up for his newsletter. So not only do I get to enjoy his unique music, I introduced him to a fellow friend who enjoys his music as well. There's some satisfaction that means a lot to me about sharing an artist with someone who later loves them like I do. So today's song choice comes from his first album "Long Way Down" (of which I bought the hard copy cd of because I like hard copies!), and is chosen because it did indeed sprinkle down today. Now all of his songs are amazing in their own way and I'll probably go on and on about them in the feature, but today's choice is "I Think It's Going to Rain Today." Starting slow, the lyrics are kind of depressing and sad, but the chorus kind of lightens the mood a bit, when it mentions the overflowing human kindness. And then comes the-almost-choir-but-really-musical-sound that starts building and it feels like coming in top of that hill with the feelings, then settles down. It's beautiful and sad, like rain, I suppose. 

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