Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween is Upon Us.

So I arrive home just the other day to find our house finally decorated with the decorum of the Halloween spirit. At last. 

It hasn't really hit me yet that it actually is the fall season.. Guess things just move quickly and I'm still a day behind. Things do that when there's a deadline coming up and for me, that's the whole college aspect coming up next year. I'm too busy thinking "this may be my last Halloween here.." To actually appreciate the time when it's here. Now that I know, and now that its on print, maybe that will help the thinking part of it. 

Anyhow, back to the spirit of Halloween. I've always had what I like to call a "morbid curiosity" and so maybe that's why I like this holiday besides the fact that its in the midst of my favorite season as well. So I'm dressing a little in the creepy dark colors of the season and even had a little fun with some of the decorations that befit our house. 

Just for the record, this skeleton and I are official. Don't you think he looks good with me? Yeah, it's happening. 

What I wore: polka dotted sheer ANDREW CHARLES top (used), worn boyfriend LEVI'S (used), and black MISS BISOU pumps (used).  

My sister is going to hate me for putting this up here, but she never checks out my blog anyway and so here we are. I think she deserves a spot on here seeing as how we are in the spirit of creepy things. 😉

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