Friday, October 25, 2013

Who's Gonna Win? Da Bears.

So I'm not really a football fan here. I mean, yeah, I enjoy watching a sports game every now and then but unlike some people, like my cousin (who can recite every football team there is), I am not a super fan. But I do enjoy an exciting game! Like the one this last weekend: Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts. That was a good one and it is my mom's favorite team and so it's nice to get all decked out in orange and blue and root for my team. Well, my mom's team. And I do get to make coffee for a former Denver Bronco star and that's kind of neat.

The reason I'm even talking about football on mg blog is that I found an old (old old) sweatshirt of my dads that had appears to be my new staple item. It's huge, cozy, and I can just melt into the confines of its comfort. It is seriously the best thing ever and it's vintage! A family heirloom! Haha. Anyways, I wore this today and because its a Chicago Bears one and all I can think about is "who's gonna win? Da bears" I thought, why not. 

What I wore: my dad's old Chicago Bears pullover sweatshirt ( obviously used), a cashmere vintage navy BURBERRY scarf (used), red tulle headband (scrap), high waisted washed out denim MARITHE GIREAUD shorts (Value Village), black tights, white COACH sunnies, DOONEY AND BOURKE bucket over the shoulder purse (used), and black FRYE boots (used). 

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