Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On Wednesday's, I'm a Witch.

It appears that the Halloween spirit has really gotten to me today. Between the coldness outside, the passing of slightly decorated homes, the cheesy decor plastered on the shelves in the grocery store, and the feeling of fall in the air, it seems that Halloween is suddenly here for me. 

My outfit inspiration came to me today from my fellow Halloween companion, a witch. I've always had a fascination towards witches and that period in history. Plus, I was indeed the Wicked  Witch of the West in a community theatre production of Wizard of Oz. Oh I had the green face and everything! And I got to cackle and it was all very fun for me. 

So today was a little shout out to my witches in the house. Haha. And here's a little area in which my witch fascination shows. Man, I am just full of these clever little ditties today! Eeeeeeheheheheh!

Below is my current collection of HALLOWEEN Barbies!

Hey, a witch has to have her evil kitty companion!

What I wore: black feather bushel worn as dance costume piece (and so no, my hair piece is not a dead crow or anything like my sister asked), vintage black beaded ROYAL CATHAY cardigan (used), black pleated VINCE maxi skier (on mega sale at Neiman outlet), and gold J CREW loafers (used). 

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