Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Underwater Adventures in Paradise.

So our family used to have this tradition, where every fall/winter, my mom and dad would surprise all of us kids with a certain "surprise vacation." We weren't told we were leaving until the day of and all that would happen with packing was just what the weather was like at our destination, but as to where that was, we didn't know until the plane. It was all very exciting. Nowadays we don't do that much anymore with all of our school schedules, work, extra-curricular activities.. you catchin' my drift here?

One of my favorite "surprise vacations" would have to be when we visited Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Mexico. Situated squarely on the beach in this gorgeous paradise, and secluded from crowds, we had it like kings where we stayed. I mean, these guys raked the sand after we walked on it! Whew. 

Anyhow, some of the best memories have been in th pool splashing around with my sister and making the silliest faces we could imagine. One of my favorites below is the one where I'm smiling and my sister has this utter look of surprise on her face. I think I hit her accidentally in the face or something. I just laugh out loud every single time. Oh good times. 

So I guess the reason I think of this particular occasion as one to look back on fondly (besides the fact that it was an incredible experience altogether) is that this time of year is when these surprise vacations usually go down. Plus, there's a chance of snow come next Monday so I guess in looking towards tropical warmth to get me through these tough times coming ahead!

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