Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day Trip to Homer.

It was one of those much needed days, you know? My mom had some stuff to pick up there anyway, and being blessed with the flexible schedule that is homeschooling, we decided to make a day trip of it. With my mood lately, I need the distraction and time with my mom. Today was incredible. She helped me see things in a new light and I realized that I need I start believing in myself because I have the capacity to do anything. I really think today was a new turning page for me. It may take some time, but I have to start somewhere, yes? Let's get back on that confident self that I know I am. Let's do it together! Let's begin with today..

It all started pretty grand when my co-worker and I decided to try a little experiment with a mocha frappe involving Nutella and raspberries, homegrown. Add in some espresso, a splash of cream and vanilla, blend it together, and what did we get? It wasn't bad! A little on the bitter side, but we were so proud of ourselves for accomplishing such a creative feat. 

By the way, this was like at eight in the morning so I guess you could call this second breakfast. 

And then my mom and I began our trip to Homer! Intending to nap on the way down there (my Conor Maynard poster fell down last night and scared the living daylight out of me and my cat Fudge and so I was up all night frightened that it might come and try to paper it me or something) but that ended when we stopped for coffee at this quaint little junction in the town of Ninilchik. 

I ended up with a Hawaiian salted caramel latte, and my mom got this creamy coffee shake or something along those lines.  And I treated, so I felt great about that!

And there were even 8oz extras of my mom's shake so I got two for one. 

Who knew that lupines were still in bloom at this time of year too?

When we finally did arrive in the awesome town that is Homer, we played tourist for a little and took some photos of the incredible view. 

Kind of windy today, but the air was surprisingly warm. 

I even found a building dedicated to me! Awww you shouldn't have. 

Lunch was at this most quaint French inspired cafe by the water. It's like I'm taken back to the cafe's in Paris. And the food is to die for. Seriously. So good. 

Yeah it wasn't that good.. We obviously didn't like it. NOT. 

An literally around the corner is one of our favorite little consignment shops down in this little basement. Oh what ok we had in there!

I found this darling Audrey style ZARA jacket (like in Paris!), and this wool skirt made in Italy. 

Elllllllooooo mate!

Next stop, Two Sisters Bakery where we walked out with fresh loaves of bread and perhaps a couple of sweets..

Dinner tonight was at the famous Fat Olives (known for their massive pizza slices and delicious food). This Caesar salad you see there? It was a HALF. 

This was some sort of pasta that involved lots of cheese. Nuff said there. 

Seriously though, I had the best day. My mom is so supportive of me and she's helping me go through whatever phase I'm going through right now. It's looking to be a bright future after all. 

What I wore: denim AT LAST NEW YORK top (Goodwill find!), leopard print LUCCA COUTURE sweater (used), orange bobble necklace (used), orange GAP skirt (used), and black FRYE boots (used). 


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