Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What a Hoot.

Seeing as it is officially October 1st (when the monkey did time fly by so fast?), I thought it would be a smashing idea to dedicate this day to one of my favorite creatures- owls. Now they have become somewhat of a trend recently, along with Rachel Berry animal sweaters and Peter Pan collars, but my love for owls goes way back. I've always loved these guys for their creepy, yet simultaneously classically adorable being. I love their big eyes and their silent watching. It's also the creature of fall, along with bats for when Halloween comes closer. So one can imagine that I've collected quite a few owl memorabilia throughout the years, including a couple owl necklaces here and there. They represent mystery to me and I love that. Plus, they make other people smile and getting to share the holiday spirit with others is always a satisfying reward.   

What I wore: vintage owl necklace (used),  black sheer LA MADE top (used), cream CAbi vest (used), mustard HUE jeggings, and animal print PAULO flats. 

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